Pant Fit and Sew

A companion course to our Pattern Fitting for the Upper Body class. This is going to rock your sewing world right off its foundation by empowering you to make pants that FIT! I recommend the workshop-tested Palmer/Pletsch for McCall’s pattern 6901-a perfect pant pattern for learning fit.

We’ll first walk you through all the pant-fit basics and cover fabrics and notions too. Since there is some sewing involved before a great fabric pin fitting can happen, we’ve split this intro class into three sessions.

You will alter your pattern, cut from fabric, insert zippers and sew crotch seams, pin fit and prepare the waist band. Some home sewing will remain to complete your garment. You’ll also learn how to change up this basic pant in numerous ways and make it your lower body road map.

Prerequisite: Advanced beginner sewing skills.

Three 5-hour sessions, $225.

Please Read: Class bring list PDF <link to: bringlist-PANTfit&sew.pdf>