Katie’s Dynamite Knits

I met Katie a couple of years ago when I was teaching from my garage.  Ugh.  Let’s not talk about that part.  Katie signed up for a couple of private lessons with the intent to sew with her two young daughters.  The girls, though freaking adorable, were not that into it.  Katie, however, took to it like fish to water and started sewing like a maniac from her neighbor’s hand-me-down stash.  The next thing I knew I got a text with a picture of a stack of little zip-top pouches and the announcement, “I accidentally made seven of these”.

For her next lesson she brought a slinky knit and wanted to make a dress for her daughter with no pattern.  LOVE the no-fear approach to sewing.  Cotton bags to knits and no stopping to think about it.  We went though a lightning knits lesson and she was off and running.

Next it was emails requesting serger recommendations.  Every once in a while I get a note with more pictures of her creations.  I’m sharing some of those here today.  I can’t take credit for teaching Katie to sew.  She taught herself to sew.  I just helped her thread her machine.

Hugs & stitches,