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Basic sewing supplies

the essentials

  • Sewing machine See my thoughts on selecting a sewing machine.scissors ripper
  • Scissors 8” bent-handled shears -Gingher and Mundial are good brands. You’ll want a little pair of snippers for thread, too.
  • Pins for beginning sewing and clothing construction ,1 3/8” extra fine glass head straight pins.
  • Magnetic pin holder so handy!
  • Iron get an iron with a stainless steel soleplate and adjustable steam. I like the Shark brand for around $40. Look for sales!
  • Ironing board or at least a place to press. A towel on a bed will not suffice. Trust. Beware also the towel on the dining table. Danger. You’ll ruin the surface.
  • Seam gauge
  • Seam ripper for reverse sewing, of course. It happens.
  • Measuring tape the pliable 60” type
  • Marking tool at least one type. I love the Clover chalk wheels.

Basic ‘fit’ supplies for pattern alterations

  • 1 package  Palmer/Pletsch Perfect Pattern Paper
  • 1 roll 1/2” Scotch Magic transparent tape (no substitutes!) in a weighted dispenser
  • 1 box of 1 3/8” extra fine glass head pins (Dritz, Clover)
  • two colors of fine tip permanent markers (red, other-I like the fine tip sharpy)
  • fat, soft leaded pencil for making patterns without tearing.  ‘My First Pencil’ works great.
  • 2” flexible clear plastic ruler (recommended, but not mandatory)
  • Book: Fit for Real People (highly recommended, but not mandatory)
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