Intentional Sewing

Intentional Sewing Intentional sewing means that each garment I make has been chosen and constructed with much thought and care. It means that it is needed, already has a place in my capsule wardrobe and therefore is deserving of precious closet space. It is a good design, made from quality [...]

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What sewing machine should I buy?

Hello stitchers!  I hear this question so often that I've decided to start a little FAQs blog this week.  What machine should I get?  Well, sewing is just like with any task you take on-good tools make the job easier and generally more enjoyable.  Before you head out to the store, ask yourself these questions: [...]

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Cutting the House in Half

Cutting the House in Half I’ll just spill this out on ‘paper’ before my head blows up. You lucky readers! I am in the process of downsizing my sewing and teaching space from 475 sf (plus a 10 ft wall of cabinets and a few shelves in the garage) to a new studio that is [...]

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