Sewing and Mindfulness

One of the reasons I have always found solace in sewing is because I'm an introvert with a mind that just will not stop jumping unless it has something creative to do.  Sewing was my meditation before meditation was a common practice.  Sewing takes concentration and care from every angle.  [...]

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1 1/2 Socks

1 1/2 Socks! I should probably wait until I'm finished knitting these socks to announce them, but I'm not going to.  I am just so goofy excited about them.  I can't believe I'm almost done knitting my very first pair of socks!  Woo-hoo!  Knitting is a special art.  I so admire the [...]

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Intentional Sewing

Intentional Sewing Intentional sewing means that each garment I make has been chosen and constructed with much thought and care. It means that it is needed, already has a place in my capsule wardrobe and therefore is deserving of precious closet space. It is a good design, made from quality [...]

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