Let me clarify.  Pattern companies, and I mean all pattern companies, just want us to sew and make cool stuff.  I love and admire each and every one of them.  I avoid rating or criticizing them because art and instructions for art are subjective.  I think we just need two sets of difficulty ratings to be realistic: sewing difficulty and fitting difficulty. A very fitted top or sheath dress may be easy to sew with very few seams, but getting that close fit to match your very own real human body is a whole other thang.  An experienced sewer can be brought to her wit’s end with fitting issues and I know that beginners (who are seeing the big EASY printed on the pattern envelope) are just plain baffled.  They try so hard only to make a garment that just doesn’t fit.  A great beginner pattern combines ease of sewing with ease of fit.  These are some favorite patterns for beginners.

If you are a beginner, look for designs that are not close-fitting to begin with.  After you have a few seams under your belt, seek out some pattern fitting education.  I have dedicated my heart, soul and career to the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method because it works and I never have to sew a muslin!  This, combined with sewing in my undies, ‘cuz it’s quicker to fit as I sew, makes for great fit and much  sewing happiness.  Treat yourself to a pattern fitting class and get good.  Your sewing heart will thank you.  And don’t worry, I teach fully-clothed!

Hugs & stitches,