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Pattern Fitting Classes

Focus on FIT – Pattern Fitting for the Upper Body 

Learn the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method using any commercial pattern. The art of fit is imperative for successful garment sewing. If you have sewn and struggled with fit, this series is for you. I know you will LOVE the results.

In this course you will learn:

  •     How to choose your correct pattern size using one measurement
  •     To prepare, tissue fit, and alter the pattern
  •     Layout, cut and mark your fashion fabric
  •     Pin fit & “tweak” your garment and mark changes so you can fit as you sew.

You then can complete the sewing at home or join one of our Open Sewing & Fit Review days and have guided help to fine-tune your technique.

I recommend all my fit students start with Palmer/Pletsch for McCall’s pattern 6750 or 7575 — both great blouses for learning fit. In general, it takes a student 6-10 hours to trim the pattern, pin fit, alter the tissue, cut from fabric, and do the first fabric fitting. Then you complete the sewing at home or join one of our Open Sewing days! Just think that altering your pattern will take you about 1/3 of your total project time. Like everything, you get faster and better as you practice.  Class is limited to 3 students so it’s all about YOU. I have  studied under and worked alongside Marta Alto and Pati Palmer, authors of the book “The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting” for the past ten years.  My goal is to help you perfect your garment creation by starting with the most critical part-FIT. You will never have another fit disaster!

Want more fit? After blouse or shirt, I can recommend more, and you can keep learning with me ‘til you’re off and flying on your own.  If you’ve already taken FIT and want to do more patterns, you can sign up for these sessions as continuing education with a 10% discount!  Just use code REPEAT10 at checkout.   Fit is a process and there is always more to learn and to perfect.  Do come again!! 

Prerequisite: Advanced beginner sewing skills

Pattern Fitting for the upper body OR Fit review  12 hours in 2 sessions, $175
Saturday & Sunday December 15 & 16, 2018 10:00am to 4:00pm

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Focus On Fit-Pant Fit & Sew  Moving on to the the lower body with Pant Fit & Sew.  This is going to rock your sewing world right off it’s foundation by empowering you to make pants that FIT!  I recommend the workshop-tested Palmer/Pletsch for McCall’s pattern 6901-a perfect pant pattern for learning fit. We will start with a presentation that walks you through all the pant fit basics and covers fabrics and notions, too.  Since there is some sewing involved before a great fabric pin fitting can happen, I’ve made this intro class three sessions. You will alter your pattern, cut from fabric, insert zippers and sew crotch seams, pin fit and prepare the waist band.  Some home sewing will remain to complete your garment. You can change up this basic pant in numerous ways and  make it your lower body road  map.

Want more fit? After this basic pant, I can recommend more, and you can keep learning with me ‘til you’re off and flying on your own.  Join me for Open Sew & Fit Review anytime you need a little fitting buddy help.

Prerequisite: Advanced beginner sewing skills

12 hours in 3 sessions, $120

New dates coming soon

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